Droid4x – Free Android Emulator for Windows & Mac 2020

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In this article we will be guide you on how you can download droid4x app on our PC whether it is a windows or Mac. This is a type of emulator that we use for our PC’s and can be used by the users of Mac and windows without any issue.

Droid4x also helps you to play android games on your android devices or on your computers. We have also provided the video in this page which will help to install the emulator on your PC/Laptop etc with ease and step by step.If you are on windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP or Mac OS, then this tutorial is for you. But, before we jump into how to download the droid4x emulator for our devices we will look at some features of this application.

Droid4X Download (2020 Latest)

The features will help us know about the application more and how it is useful for us. So let’s jump into the features of the application.


Features of Droid4x

  • The droid4x is an android emulator which has been recently developed. This emulator will provide you all the latest features that you would want in an emulator.
  • It gives you the permission to use your keyboard to play and for configuration.
  • You also have a choice of using the joystick on your device which will help in enhancing your experience and increase your interest.
  • The controls of this emulator are with your android device.
  • You can also take a pic of the screen you are working on or shoot a video that you can send for the websites.
  • The emulator has come up into the market just a couple of months back and us gaining a lot of popularity.

There are two categories by which you can install the app on your devices. This is either by online installer or by the offline installer.

droid4x features

Offline and online droid4x installer

First we will be talking about the online installer.

Online: In this case of Installation process the software can be easily downloaded from the official website. But the file that you will be downloading is an incomplete file.

  • The set up file that will be downloaded is only 8.32 mbs and the extras that you need to download after this would be upto 200 mbs.

For downloading through the online installer you need a working and a good internet connection. If your network connection is not good and you face the buffering issues after a time. The download will stop and you will have to start the process again from the start. You can then install apps of all kind like unlockmytv.

  • If your internet connection is not so good so it will be a bit irritating to you but if it is good it will be downloaded easily.
  • Now let us have a look at the offline installer.
  • Also note that the app might need you to install a virtualbox which is why you might face issues when installing the app.

Droid4x Emulator for Windows & Mac

In this process basically what we do is first we download a setup file first on our computer. When the setup file us downloaded then we will be able to start the installation process.

  • In this case you won’t face too many errors in the Installation process as it will be easy for you to download.

Let us now have a look on the process through which we will be downloading the app on our PC’s.

Process of downloading droid4x

The process will proceed in a few couple of steps.

  • Step 1: Your first step will be to go to the official link of the droid4x installer. From there you will be able to download the droid 4x through offline installer.
  • Step 2: The setup file is of 230 mb and you need to download it full on your pc.
  • Step 3: After the file is downloaded you need to click on it to start installing.
  • Step 4: When you start the installation process you will be able to see the next option. You need to click on it until you reach the finish.
  • Step 5: When you click on finish the file be saved on the home screen.
droid4x installation of app

Video Tutorial

After discussing the Installation process of droid 4x we will look at the alternatives of the app. You can watch the latest video tutorial as well to know the installation procedure.


The alternatives that we will be discussing are in some features better than the droid4x  so the users who find some problems in the application they prefer using the alternatives so let us have a look at some of the alternatives.

  • BlueStacks: Blue stack is a type of emulator that you use on your device and also with your computer.This application is used basically so as to help in downloads of certain games and certain applications that require an emulator to be downloaded. It is compatible with your phone and your computer as well as laptop. So have a try using this excellent emulator.
  • Android x86: This application is used as a purpose of hosting.
  • Nox player: This application has been designed for the android users. This is especially to give them a unique gaming experience on their android devices. The emulator can also be installed on the computers and also on Mac devices.
  • Genymotion:This emulator has been designed basically for your computer.If is categorised as an android emulator.
  • Menu: There are a number of emulators designed for playing games. This is one of them. This is one of the best you can use on your devices for playing games. So try opting if whenever you want to play a game.This will give you a great gaming experience even better than the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Andy: This application is basically for your computer’s and your laptops. What this emulator actually does is it creates an android atmosphere for your PC’s. You would be playing games or you would be using applications in a atmosphere of android version.
  • Amiduos:This is also a very fast working emulator which has been rated as the fastest among other emulators.You can use this emulator on your pc or on you windows laptop or any windows device.The windows that you can use for this is ranging from 7-8
  • Windroy:This emulator is very easy to download and safe too.It will help you use your android atmosphere on your windows device.
  • Kop player:This emulator is suitable for any computer. It is one of the fastest running emulators for gaming and applications too.

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